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I have made hundreds of images over two decades, yet for me there is still only one subject: the light. To depict how each element in a photograph responds uniquely to that light – unfolding, reaching, reflecting, withdrawing into the shadows – this is my deepest pleasure, as an observer and interpreter. When one of my photographic prints or cards inspires someone to pause and look more closely, to slow down and contemplate in detail the diversity of light’s harsh or gentle landings and rhythmic motion, I know I have succeeded and have made something of value in both of our lives. The majority of these images are made in natural light as it travels by way of windows, skylights, through leaves, in reflection and simply through the sky, shifting in the hours and seasons that are the true timepieces of our existence. Taken at face value, sunlight sculpts and reveals most thoroughly and in a way that resists manipulation. Every print and card is individually hand made on the finest quality 100% cotton cardstock chosen for its dimensional texture, sharpness of resolution and subtle color range. My preservation work, done with a high-resolution scanner, is for families and communities seeking to restore and lengthen the life of aging prints that have reached the limits of their ability to be handled. Each archiving project is digitally re-mastered on maximum-durability DVDs for long-term storage and can also be commissioned as hardcover or spiral bound books for viewing and sharing.




    Ojai, California


• hand-crafted prints of any size

• fine art cards, rectangular 5×7 or square 5×5

• print restoration & archiving